Whatever your story will be, wherever your gig is, it's not just point and shoot. There is a reason for every shot, angle, framing, focus, lighting.
A way how you treat your talent, big and small.
I think the reason I have experience with editing, it also makes me a better cameraman in terms of thinking what the editor needs in post.

Film lenses - Sony FS7 - a7s - lighting cameraman - fully loaded Steadicam - polejib
portable multi-camera set - humour - flexible - optimistic - adventurous

post production

Collected the shots, time to bring your story in a phisical state.
Or recreate the story. From a different point of view.
This phase is endless, the last deadline is your TX slot. Or your endurance.

Avid - FCPx - Adobe - DaVinci - listening - editorial - everlasting developing

Even I don't understand, but these clients like me:


"Always something new"


Aad van Vliet - Better Stories
Peter Davies

"Award winning"

To be quick and efficient is one thing. To be creative and cutting edge is another. But to be empathetic and great to work with? If anyone can find better qualities, I’m all ears. Jos has these qualities in buckets.

Peter Davies - Worldmark Films

"Just magic"

Three years ago we met each other during a shoot and he told me about his new plan. That was the starting point of a new children's programme concept and in the meantime we have already produced 63 episodes of magic.

Nick Nielsen - Just Productions


He is my favorite Dutch editor here in Londen. He is the perfect combination of friendly, creative, excellent skills and humorous.

Samantha Meah - EMS-tp

My latest showreel

Last updated in 2014


A free film project we did during the 48 Hour Film Festival in Amsterdam in 2010

Qassim Alsaedy

A short documentary about an Iraqi artist
(shot with the tango)

Yes, prime minister

Trailer for the new theatre season

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